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My company is making a mess out of the cleaning industry.

By doing things very differently from the competition, my company is changing the game in commercial office cleaning.  We didn’t mean for this to happen...but it did when we started asking customers about what they really wanted and gave them exactly that in return.
And, it’s not what you think:

  • We don’t use the same cloths to clean counter tops that we’ve used on toilets.
  • We lock locks, turn off lights and activate your alarm system when we leave.  
  • We use checklists that are checked and double-checked so that there everything gets done every time.
  • We don’t use toxic or caustic cleaning products on your surfaces.
  • We don’t leave behind overpowering, unpleasant odors.

If you thought those things were a given when you use a professional commercial cleaning company, think again. Those are the complaints we heard over and over again each time we took on a new client. And so, we listened.

As I like to say, instead of cutting corners, my company cleans them.  I run Enviroclean --- a commercial cleaning service.  We are a locally grown, owned and operated business.  We’ve always been here and we are here to stay --- serving businesses of all shapes and sizes with professionalism, integrity and attention to detail. We go to great lengths to ensure our reputation is one we’re proud of.

Our commercial cleaning service and experienced team have the highest standard in office cleaners, factory cleaners and medical centre cleaners.

Another thing that sets us apart: we require no contracts.  We know that if we consistently do a great job for you, you will keep using us. No contract required.  The other guys require your signature committing to at least 12 months before they will lift a finger.

I’d love the opportunity to learn more about your business and explore if the very different way we do things can enhance your workplace environment and show you why we are the best choice as commercial cleaners.

With kindest regards,
Andrew Lee

* Conditions for the free inclusions are one of either a free carpet clean, pest service or on going sanitary bin servicing to a limit of three bins total per service.

  • Body Corporate - Strata Cleaning

  • Club Cleaning

  • Daycare Cleaning

  • Day Surgery Cleaning

  • Dental Clinic Cleaning

  • Domestic House Regular Cleaning

  • Factory Cleaning

  • Fitness Club Cleaning

  • Industrial Cleaning

  • Office Cleaning

  • Hospital Cleaning

  • Nursing Home Cleaning

  • Medical Centre Cleaning

  • Server Room Cleaning

  • School Cleaning

  • Theatre Cleaning

  • Restaurant Cleaning

  • Window Cleaning

Cleaning is not that hard right!
So why do so many cleaning companies get it so wrong... We know how frustrated you feel as we felt the same...

The Enviro-Solution
Enviro-Systems are your solution. We can explain exactly how we have dealt with whatever issues arise in our industry.

Your Guarantee
We take the risk ... Not you!
No 12 Month Contracts for you to concern yourself about.


Address: Level 22, 127 Creek Street Brisbane Qld 4000
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